Younger Teachers Relate to Students Better

Published: 01st April 2009
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Younger teachers relate to students in a better way then older teachers. It's not a slant or knock on older, more experienced teachers at all, its just a simple point I make that students relate to people they look like. Students of all ages, kindergarten through college, relate better to their peers who are most similar to them. This means that if they have a teacher who is among the older crowd, they are less likely to absorb information from them.

Again, this is not a knock on anyones age or professional expertise. It's simply a game of numbers. As I went to school, all the way through graduating the University in only 3.5 years, I always related to the teachers who had shared similar interests as me. Sports, skin care, and entertainment were always topics I latched on to. This made life easier for me and created a better experience. I felt when a teacher led off the class with a topic for discussion about something I liked, I was more proned to listen to the entire lecture, instead of tuning out if they led the class with something of a more boring, not-related-to-me topic.

Of course, if teachers want to get through to their students and are on the older side, they can follow these tips I have in mind. I feel they will work wonders for teachers who may not get their messages through at all times and will also help their general appearance as an authority as they tend to business and daily activities in the school.

1. Dress younger. If you are on the older side, try to get in touch with the hip culture that the students may be more prone to pay attention to. This doesn't mean wear a mini skirt or jean jacket, but at least pay attention to those fashions so you can at least reference them in class.

2. If you are older, pay attention to your skin. Does it wrinkle? Do you have crows feet or dark circles under your eyes? Pay attention to this and apply the best wrinkle cream or eye serum you can find. This will make you appear younger and enhance your look as you stand in front of the class. Image is everything. It's hard to argue with that.

3. Stay fit. Being in shape and able to move around is important in this on-the-go society. if you can't keep up with the students, it's hard to keep their already short attention spans tuned in to your message.

It's safe to say that many teachers are adapting to this as they feel the threat of younger, more stylish professionals entering their business. Everyone has a role in education, and simply adapting to the younger crowd is one tip I can say will be important for several years to come.

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